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Best kids water bottles for school

Best kids water bottles for school

This post is sponsored by Zulu Athletic, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When I’m thinking about what makes the best kids water bottles for school, I’m thinking about durability, ease of cleaning, functionality and quick to find in stores. I’ve tried a dozen different brands of water bottles for kids, but none come close to options by Zulu Athletic.

Best kids’ water bottles for school

The best water bottles for school are durable

You all are no stranger to Zaylen’s temper. 

About a month and a half ago, he had a really tough day at jiu jitsu and was losing his cool every few minutes. As we walked into the parking lot, I asked him to hold my hand (awful mothering, I know) and he threw his water bottle to the ground and stomped on it in anger. 

The Contigo water bottle literally exploded beneath his feet. And those suckers are expensive! 

Every one of Zulu’s hydration vessels, though, are engineered for athletes and built to take a hit, including their kids water bottles. 

The best water bottles for school are durable -- water bottles for athletes

Even if your school-ager is not actively stomping on water bottles in fits of rage, durability is still an important factor in choosing a water bottle for school. They get dropped frequently, are tossed around inside backpacks and lunch boxes and need to be able to withstand the abuse without fear of leaking. 

The best water bottle for kids is easy to clean 

Kids are gross. Seriously. 

I say that with love, but they are. Last week, Zaylen put his head in the toilet, just because he wanted to. 

So because kids are gross, it only stands to reason that the best water bottle for kids needs to be incredibly easy to clean. If it’s got a dozen parts, straws, removable spouts, lids, internal mechanics and suctions, etc. that all need to be cleaned individually, that’s not easy. 

Zulu is a clear winner in this category for a few reasons:

Some of the bases twist off so you can get sponges, bottle brushes, whatever, in there super easily to clean the inside of the bottles. 

Guardian Technology (FDA food grade silicone) spouts are infused with antimicrobial additive that inhibits mold and bacterial growth on the drink surface. So whether the water bottles for school end up in the classroom garbage can (really happened to us) or buried under a pile of dirt and mulch (really happened to us), at least you know you’ve got a water bottle that’s working to avoid bacteria just as hard as you are. 

I bring Zulu water bottles with us everywhere we go, even to the beach and on our cruise vacation because I know it can manage the trek and is easy enough to keep clean on the go. 

The best water bottle for kids is easy to clean

Choosing kids water bottles for school based on functionality 

Stainless Steel water bottles that stay cold

When you pack a water bottle in your child’s lunchbox in the morning, you hope their drink is still cold by lunch. But what if you knew it would be? 

Vacuum insulation on Zulu water bottles for kids keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. No more hoping; now you know. 

Plus have you ever tried to put ice in a tiny water bottle opening? I have to catch the ice out of the fridge door with my hand and plop them into the bottle one by one. 

the best Stainless Steel water bottles that stay cold

But not with Zulu Chase stainless steel water bottles. I can remove the base and fill it with ice just like a regular glass or cup. No frozen fingers here! 

Water bottles for kids that don’t leak

And what’s even worse than lukewarm water with your kid’s lunch? A lunchbox or backpack filled with lukewarm water that leaked out of their water bottle ruining their brand new school supplies. 

The best water bottles for kids are leak proof. Zulu products have a leak-proof, one-touch, flip lid with a locking mechanism built in. So it’s not going to accidentally pop open and spill everywhere. 

Water bottles for kids that don’t leak

Simply put, Zulu water bottles are built to make you better, and your life easier. And a water bottle that makes your life easier is one that is easy to find too. You can shop Zulu water bottles at and Target, where I know you’re spending countless hours at already anyways, mama. 

The best kids water bottles for school are Zulu Athletic. It’s a no-brainer.