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My name is Nikki and I’m the owner and designer for Mommy & Mini Designs. I’m a single mommy to one amazing two year old, Zaylen Wayne, and have an overwhelming desire to grow our wonderfully tiny family by having another baby.

As many are aware, there are a lot of new expenses that come with a new baby, but this rings especially true when conceiving through “artificial” means. While I don’t struggle with fertility issues as millions of women throughout the world unfortunately do, I will be going through a lot of the same procedures, monitoring and testing that they do in order to conceive; none of which is covered by health insurance.

Ultrasounds, x-rays, ovulation kits, donor sperm, IUI, blood work, and more. These procedures vary in price from one practice to the next, and the better the doctor, the higher the price tag. A single round for an unmedicated IUI can run $1500-$3500. This is a steep price to pay for a single income household.

I started Mommy & Mini Designs to help ease the financial burden of adding another member to our family, because I truly believe that a child wanted is a child deserved. All profits will be going toward my medical procedures and to help cover daycare for two kiddos.

I hope you feel inspired to share a morning “coffee” with your littles in matching sippy cups & coffee mugs, to pack a family picnic in your lunch totes, to rock matching tees to the mall, and to snap a few photos for the memories when you do.

All Products | Matching Sets | Apparel | Coffee Mugs | Lunch BoxesSippy Cups