Mommy My Way is a blog where one single mom shares the way she raises her infant son through career advice, traveling tips, fashion inspiration and more, all while juggling a full-time job and working toward an MBA. Hopefully you’ll be able to take away something valuable from these posts, even if your way to parent is ultimately different.

There is no handbook to motherhood; this we all know. Just as there’s no one way to mother, there’s no one way to be a mother either. Single mom, married mom, work-from-home mom, breastfeeding mom, pumping mom, co-sleeping mom and a million other possibilities. Every type of mommy comes with her own set of pros and cons. Mommy My Way aims to show all moms that just because your way is a little hard, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

So here’s to the mamas of the world rocking this whole parenting thing the best way they know how. Do it your way and do it proud, our little ones are depending on us. I mommy my way, you mommy your way, and they mommy their way, but we’re all mommies.

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