I let daycare potty train my toddler — and it worked in less than a week!

I let daycare potty train my toddler — and it worked in less than a week!
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Potty training is hard. My 2.5 year old son has been showing signs of potty-training interest for more than a year, yet I couldn’t successful train him no matter what I tried. We attempted naked weekends, special prizes for successful potty trips, stickers, and more. Yet in fairness to him, I wasn’t consistent. The truth is: even though HE was ready to potty train, I wasn’t!

I read a ton of different articles and felt like I gave it a decent go, but until I was ready to ditch the diapers for good, nothing I half-committed to was going to work.

Here’s where daycare comes in (… and why it is SO important to choose the right daycare for your toddler.)

He’s in a class with 3-3.5 year olds, all of them potty trained, so this is part of his class’s daily routine already. I informed his teachers on Monday that he was in big-boy underwear and that we weren’t going to wear diapers anymore. They agreed without any hesitation and by day 4 he went the entire day without a single accident.

My kid was successfully potty trained during the day and nap time in less than 5 days! (Bed time is still a work in progress)

And guess what? I don’t feel one tiny bit guilty about not being the one to train him either. There was no frustration for either of us, no clean up besides a few extra loads of laundry, and it all feels a little magical.

There is so much pressure on moms to be the one to teach their kids everything in life: how to sleep through the night, use their manners, learn their abc’s, understand common core, etc. etc. etc. But we’re not always the most equipped individual to teach them and our kids naturally push back with us too. And that is okay!

We are all learning this parenting gig as we go, we’re winging it 96% of the time. No one expects us to know everything and be the best at everything every minute of every day; except for ourselves! It’s time we take the weight off our own shoulders and let someone else help us.

So I let daycare potty train my kid, and we’re all happier for it.

What are some parenting tasks that you’ve delegated out to others? Tell me PROUDLY in the comments below! 

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