TTC acronyms so you can understand your support groups

TTC acronyms so you can understand your support groups
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I recently joined a Facebook group called SMBC TTC …. in case you have no freaking clue what that means like I did at first, it means Single Mom By Choice Trying To Conceive. (Click this link if you’re interested in learning why I joined a single mom by choice TTC support group.) Almost every part of the trial and error process of conceiving is referred to in acronym form. It can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming to understand questions and answers when you first join support groups because it feels like everyone is talking in code.

The truth is, the phrases women use to describe their journey are universal and the acronyms are just a faster way to type the phrase. They are also used in place of very long, medical terms because no one can spell (or pronounce) the full name anyways. Here’s a running list of all of the TTC acronyms I’ve come across* in my single mom support groups.

*This post will be updated as I run into new abbreviations and learn what they mean. Feel free to comment with questions or TTC abbreviations you know. 

AF – Aunt Flow
Your menstrual cycle / period.

AI – Artificial Insemination
Similar to an IUI.

BBT – Basal Body Temperature
One of the more accurate methods for checking for ovulation. Your BBT will spike when you are ovulating and you know it is a good time to try. You should check your temperature using a Basal Thermometer.

BFN – Big Fat Negative
Negative Pregnancy Test

BFP – Big Fat Positive
A definite positive Pregnancy Test. Not a faint evaporation line that can be mistaken as a positive, but a true clear as day positive.

Big O – Ovulation Day
No, this is not THE big O, but the important one! It’s the day during your cycle you’re most likely to conceive.

CD – Cycle Day
Usually accompanied with a number. CD 1 is the first day of your period.

CM – Cervical Mucus
Self explanatory

DPO Days Post Ovulation
You might see this in a variety of forms, usually accompanied by a number 10dpo means 10 days post ovulation. Or you might see it end in a different acronym — 3dpt (days post trigger) or dpiui (days post IUI)

EWCM – Egg White Cervical Mucus
Another indication that ovulation is approaching. It indicates your cervical mucus is the same color and consistency as egg whites.

HCG – Human chorionic gonadotropin
HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta after implantation.

HPTHome Pregnancy Test
A Home Pregnancy Test is way to test for pregnancy by checking for hcg levels in urine.

HSG – Hysterosalpingogram
X-ray used to test for blocked tubes. It can help diagnose fertility problems and clear out your tubes to make conceiving easier. A lot of women will choose to have this procedure right before the first IUI, even if there is no concern of infertility, simply to increase their chances of getting a BFP after the TWW … did you see what I did there? 😉

IH – In Home
Could be referring to an in home procedure to conceive or an in home ovulation or pregnancy test.

IUI – Intrauterine Insemination
Procedure to become pregnant where semen is inserted into the uterus by a catheter

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization

LMP – Last Menstrual Period

MS – Miscarriage

OPK – Ovulation Prediction Kit

TTC – Trying To Conceive
Used to describe any one trying to have a baby, even single women and men using donor eggs or sperm.

TWW – Two Week Wait
The time after you do the deed or undergo a conception procedure and the time you take a pregnancy test.


Did you run into any TTC acronyms you are unsure of? Or do you know of any other TTC acronyms? Leave them in the comments below so I can research and add them!

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4 thoughts on “TTC acronyms so you can understand your support groups”

  • Oh my gosh Nikki, you just saved me with all these acronyms. I’m new to the SMBC TCC groups and found you via one of the facebook pages. I too felt as if i was entering a secret world that spoke an entirely new language… ha. I live in South Africa and have my very first appointment at a fertility clinic on Wednesday! You blog is refreshing and inspirational, you almost make me want to blog, although not sure i’m creative enough but would be nice to look back in years to come … Looking forward to following your journey!

  • Thank you so much for this post! I started this whole process last month and just had my first IUI. I’ve been on many sites and felt a little overwhelmed with all the acronym speak. This has been a huge help. I am currently in my TWW.

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