Dining room wall art – DIY decor on a budget

Dining room wall art – DIY decor on a budget
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One of my favorite mommy bloggers, Life as a Rambling Redhead, recently renovated her new home. Her kitchen is literally to die for. In it, she hung up this beautiful minimalist wall art that simply says “gather” in a scripty font. It’s gorgeous, but her framed wall art was $75 from Small Woods; way out of this single mama’s price range. So I decided to make my own, and change it up a bit so it wasn’t blatantly stealing her idea. Ha!

I have a large open wall in my dining room so a single frame would have felt out of place. The wall opposite the dining room is my living room gallery wall, so I didn’t want to compete with the busyness of that either by putting up another gallery wall. Instead, I opted for a simple three-piece wall art set for my DIY dining room decor on a budget.

The Tools:

  • 3 Foam white boards from Target – $2.99 a piece
  • Fat Sharpie marker – Already had
  • Scissors – Already had
  • Tape – Already had
  • Canva.com – free software

The Process:

  1. Use Canva.com to create my designs
    Canva is free. I created an 11 in x 8.5 in document (the size of horizontal printer paper). Next, I found a font I liked and typed out each word I wanted to use on a separate “page.” I typed “eat,” “drink” and “travel” using the font called Playlist Script at size 400, 380 and 325 respectively. Then I printed my designs.11in-x-8-5in-eat-well
  2. Cut out the words as closely and cleanly to the print as possible. 
    I cut a single line into the words from the edge of the page and taped that separation shut once I was done, but you could also cut out the template using an exacto knife or in other ways if you’re familiar with the template-making process. Think of cutting out templates for pumpkin carving, the process is very similar. If you’re doing multiple words like I did, start with the longest word first. You have more excitement, energy and attention to detail at the beginning of the activity. I started with the smallest word and was super bored and sloppy by the time I needed to cut out the third word. img_1128
  3. Tape the template to your foam board in the location you want. 
    I only taped down a tiny piece to keep the stencil in place so I didn’t rip the foam white board.
  4. Trace the edge of the stencil with your fat sharpie marker.
    Trace away from any thin pieces of paper rather than into them. This will help keep the paper flat and your lines clean. img_1129
  5. Cut out any of the openings of the letters you used and trace them in place.
    “a” “e” “o” “l” “k” were all letters that contained loops. To make sure I accurately drew the loops, I cut out the interior holes and traced them as well.
  6. Let it dry
  7. Hang them up!
    I just used Command Strips to hang my boards up, but there are a million different ways you can do this. Get your boards framed for an expensive touch to a cheap project or even make your own frame using shoe molding from your local hardware store.

DIY dining room wall art

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