#spotlightweekly – Red

#spotlightweekly – Red
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Red, red, red. Honestly this is one of my favorite colors to wear and I don’t own enough of it.


Ever since I was little, red has been “My Color.” I had this red terry cloth romper I wore everywhere, my prom dress was red, and I even got myself a zippy little red convertible Bug back when I was living in Florida. Seriously, if you were to scroll through my thousands of FB (and Myspace haha!) photos from high school and earlier, me in red outfits take up about 90% of my feed.

mommy my way red

Something about my olive skin tone that truly pops when I wear this amazing color.
With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July around the corner, it’s only fitting that I’ve linked up with a whole bunch of amazing mamas in red.


In my outfit above, I’m rocking some pretty sweet brandless finds:


1. High-wasted jean shorts I snatched from my GRANDMA. That’s right, show off them legs, g-ma. She was one stylish lady.


2. Peace sign graphic tank from Express.


3. Red fitted button down that didn’t fit my preggo tatas (yes, I was pregnant in this photo!)


4. . High top Chuck Taylors in white (with red trim) that I got in Italy. Coulda bought them here, but it’s more exciting to say I bought them abroad.


And of course, it is no surprise that my son inherited my ability to dominate red as well. In fact, he may even have me beat!
mommy my way red

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