Mommy and Son Vacation Part 1 – Bear Lake Reserve

Mommy and Son Vacation Part 1 – Bear Lake Reserve
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Mommy and Son Vacation – Part 1 Bear Lake Reserve

There was a whole lot of sweat, a few tears, a broken iPhone screen, a lap full of throw up, and several wrong turns, but I would do it all over exactly the same 100 times more.

It’s not everyday that I get the opportunity to take a solo vacation with my son. We travel a lot, but it’s mostly to see our family in Florida. The last non-Florida vacation we took was to Colorado with my brother and mom for a few days. The travel portion was done solo, but the overall trip was as a group.

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When I found out that one of my very best friends from high school was getting married in North Carolina, I knew this was my opportunity to plan our first mommy and son vacation: just the two of us. And let me tell you, if you’ve never done this before, you need to!

For 5 days we had no cell service and no responsibilities. There were no restaurants to go to or people to entertain, it was just us. Do you know what happens when you’re entire focus 24/7 is on your child? Magic.

Now I know as a mother you are thinking, my focus is always on my child and it is not always magical, well that’s because you have dishes to wash and laundry to do and work to get done and family to text and, and, and. So, no, your entire focus is NOT on your child 24/7. Which, btw, is totally ok and normal so stop beating yourself about life getting in the way of being a “good” mom.

This vacation could not have been in a more beautiful location. Bear Lake is this hidden gem. It’s a giant crystal clear lake in the middle of a mountain. The water is warm enough to swim in. There are gorgeous waterfalls and hiking trails and spectacular views from every single angle.

I booked my trip through Bear Lake Reserve Endorsed Accommodations. They have dozens of cabins and condos to choose from and I had the hardest time picking my favorite!


I decided on one with a view of the Lake Club and an open floor plan. It was a two bedroom, two story condo with a giant fireplace, a full kitchen, a king size bed and the best feature of all: the balcony that overlooked the lake.

We had fresh homemade breakfast every morning on the balcony and enjoyed the crisp morning air just the two of us.

And when we woke up super early, we snuggled under the covers and watched the sunrise over the mountain tops. This was a surprisingly refreshing treat when being on vacation. As a mom of a young child, sleep is never one of the perks of my day to day life. And getting woken up at 5 am in your own house in your own bed is really annoying. But being woken up at 5 am and having a massive bed (with no piles of laundry buried under comforters) to snuggle in with a bird’s eye view of the sunrise, well that’s a wake up call I can be on board with.

The best day of my entire life so far, with the exception of the birth of my child, was our first day out on Bear Lake. There was such an amazing bond developing between Z and I, it’s genuinely difficult to explain. All I can say to you is that for the first time since my son was born, we enjoyed every second of each other’s company. He didn’t have a single tantrum, and neither did I. All we did was love on each other and love on our surroundings. It was incredibly special.

We had a picnic on the boat, jammed out to some music, and tried our hand at fishing for the first time. Zay even got to drive the boat!

It’s not typical that Bear Lake offers a driver with your boat rentals, but in my experience, if you ask really really nicely, people are inclined to help a single mama out! So don’t be scared to take a solo trip with your baby or to step outside of your comfort zone because you think you can’t do fun things by yourself. You absolutely can.

Our driver, Bryan, was incredibly kind. He gave us a tour of the mountain and showed us some of the best places to explore. I highly recommend seeking him out for tips before you head out on your boating experience.

After two adventurous days out on the boat and enjoying the pool, I wanted a bit more of a relaxing day. So we found this beautiful viewing perch that had a perfectly enclosed little area to practice yoga.

We spent several hours doing yoga, napping and nomming on some berries with this crazy gorgeous view.

When I think about my idea of a perfect vacation, I’m always going to think Bear Lake Reserve first. Water, mountains, relaxation, complete disconnection: it doesn’t get better than that.

If you’re interested in Bear Lake Reserve for your summer vacation, visit or call 828-293-3455.

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