Spring home decoration – Flowers & bright colors

Spring home decoration – Flowers & bright colors

Spring home decoration – Flowers & bright colors

Now that the cold weather is finally in the rearview mirror and Spring has sprung, it’s time to update the interior decorations to match!

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My favorite way to instantly brighten up the house is to place beautiful fresh flowers throughout my home. There’s something about a vase of flowers on a table next to the window that makes me want to open that window and let the natural light pour in.

Store bought flowers can be expensive though and not all that pretty or long lasting, or you have to get your butt out of bed early on a Saturday morning to hoof it down to the Farmer’s Market for a decent priced bouquet. And then you have to make sure you get there early enough or the good ones will be snatched up already!

Is all that work for a few flowers decorating a single table inside your home worth it though? I didn’t think so, which is why I never went out of my way to have fresh flowers in my home before this year.


Now that Z is getting a bit older though, I really want to show him a beautiful life, and that means sprucing up the house and decorating for the seasons. As you all know though, I don’t always have time to go above and beyond as a single mama. I try, definitely, but there’s not always enough hours in a day!

Thankfully there’s a really simple solution to my problem: Bloomsy Box. Varied fresh flowers delivered to my home every single month for a flat rate. Different flowers EVERY month and I don’t have to DO anything. They just show up on my doorstep.


Now I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, what kind of quality can these have when they are shipped in a box? Well, rest assured. These flowers come in amazing condition. And there were so many flowers in my Bloomsy Box, that I had to split them into two vases. I even managed to get three vases out of the bunch so I could decorate the dining room, living room and my bedroom. Wow, talk about getting your money’s worth.


Of course flowers aren’t the only easy way to decorate your home for Spring. You can also add lemons, limes, oranges or other brightly colored fruit to glass bowls.

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Swap out your boring, plain Jane, white ceramic ware for funky colors and display them on your shelves. Functional and stylish; it’s a win win!

For the easiest, most affordable way to decorate your home for Spring, sign up for Bloomsy Box today.

This is a sponsored post and I may have received compensation and/or free items for my words. All opinions and views of this product are my own and I only endorse products I whole-heartedly love and believe in. 

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