Why you shouldn’t date single moms

Why you shouldn’t date single moms

“To be honest, I don’t really date women with kids, but we can have fun.”

EW. Get ready for a rant. I know, I know, another post on dating a single mom. Why it’s great, why it’s only for dudes with their lives together, yadda yadda. But really, this is important.

You don’t date single moms? GREAT! I don’t date little boys, so it looks like you never stood a chance anyways.

date a single momDating a single mom is a privilege and you should feel honored that she is giving you one second of her time to even consider dating you. Because single moms are busy as hell, single moms don’t have time to waste screwing around and playing games.

Contrary to what many people seem to believe, we don’t need you to be our child’s father, or to come and rescue us from a life of stress and poverty (and if you think that’s the life we’re living, then you’re judgment is a little skewed in the first place.) All we want is to date you, to get to know you and spend some quality time with you. We’re not looking for a knight in shining armor to come and sweep us off our feet into a fairytale life.

We’re pretty level headed, actually. We have to be, because we have way too much shit to deal with in a typical day. If our head wasn’t screwed on straight, our world would burn to the ground quite literally.

So when you say, “I don’t date women with kids,” particularly when you approach us, you look like a damn fool. And then if you follow that statement up with, “but we can have fun,” the only fun we’re ever going to have is me laughing in your face at how stupid you are. And you might not find that very fun.

So please, if this is your view of women with kids, then please YOU should not date single moms. YOU should not even approach single moms. We are not a fetish, we are busy, amazing, caring women and far too grown for you and your games.

10 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t date single moms”

  • From one single mama to another. I get this too often. “You can just text me if you get lonely some time” ……. “If you ever just want to go on a playdate” um excuse me while i throw up in my mouth LOL

  • Wow I deal with this all the time! Thanks for the rant, much appreciated. I am a 24-year-old single mom in corporate America. I’m not sure how many of us there are, but I love reading your posts and knowing I am not alone.

    • I’m right there with you! 25 yr old in corporate as well, well just left corporate for agency, which is slightly better. I often feel alone in my day to day so it’s nice to be reminded I’m not! Stay strong, mama <3

    • Not quite corporate but close! 26 year old with an eight month old and a job in sports media. I’ve worked for the same company since about two years out of college and I’m not making $100k but I’m firmly middle class and love it. I love any guy who tries to act like women like us are looking to snare money or find a new dad. Sweetie – I probably make more than you do, no need to assume I need saving.

      Not sure who’s more annoying – the guys like this or the women who assume that being a youngish single mom means that you’re struggling.

  • Guys like that have no sense of self and really are just a mess on the inside. What he needs to do is work on being a better person before he enters any woman’s life. No need to bring anyone down to his level. So glad you are at peace with who you are as a woman and mother. I truly understand it. I’ve been a single mommy for 13 years. All is well over here. God bless!

  • I loved your rant! You are so on point too. I have never encountered such a creep but guys like that should not be given the time of day, even among non-mothers. It just shows you their character and values, or lack there of.

  • I hate this idea that guys have that they can “have fun” with single mothers. I do not know where this idea that we are easy, desperate, or dumb comes from. PREACH!

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