You can have a career, a side job and a personal life and still be a good mom, I think.

You can have a career, a side job and a personal life and still be a good mom, I think.
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I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks, long before I joined the Blog Hop on the topic. I can’t seem to get the words out with any sort of meaning behind them. I want to say I’m a working mom and proud. I want to say I shouldn’t have to defend my reasons for enjoying my career and wanting to grow my side business. I want to say that you can be a woman with career goals and be a good mom at the same time, but I haven’t been able to put those words to paper and believe it.

working mom or good mom

I work 45 hours a week on a good week, blog (duh), run a small business, and organize a boat load of activities in an active Facebook Group for mom bloggers and business owners. I’m also trying to date (what?!) This doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to be a mommy, let alone a good one. And I feel guilty as hell about it.

I get to work from home two days a week and I try really hard to spend quality time when it comes to playing with and loving on little man, but I know I could be better.

I know that instead of playing games on my phone while I rock Zay to sleep and browsing Facebook when I give him his nighttime bottle that I could be reading to him or singing to him or just looking at him. He’s going to be transitioning away from bottles altogether soon and I simply haven’t felt the weight of this fact like I should. My baby, my only baby, my first baby, is not going to need bottles soon and I’m throwing away these memories with pointless IG updates.

Get it together, Nikki, and pay attention to these details. These are the moments that are going to be gone in the blink of an eye and at this point in my life I don’t know that I will ever get to experience them again. I should be savoring every tiny baby breath.

Blogging has always helped me talk through my issues, helped me feel less alone in what I’m experiencing and this is no different. As I force myself to write this post to meet my own group’s deadline, I am realizing that being a working mom is not my problem. My problem is not being present when I am with him.

Being a working mom is actually what makes me a good mom. I have always studied very hard and worked toward my goals. My son will learn how to do the same by watching the effort I consistently put into my job and my side business and my hobbies.

As a single mom, I am the sole provider for our family. I do not receive child support nor any government assistance. So that means every dollar I make matters. I have to budget and stick to that budget. Because of this, my son will also learn money management and the value of hard work.

This is not to say that being a working mom is the only right way, you guys should know me better than that by now, but it is to say that being a working mom is my family’s right way. This works for us, in fact it wouldn’t work AT ALL if I were a stay at home mom. So it is time I stop beating myself up for doing what makes me happy; and working does make me happy, and start embracing it.

I have a career, a side job and a personal life, and I am a good mom.

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11 thoughts on “You can have a career, a side job and a personal life and still be a good mom, I think.”

  • You’re totally an awesome mom!
    Thank you for the inspiration and reminder about being present when we are with our kids. I too LOVE to work and love my job. I also love blogging and am constantly on my phone “taking blog pictures” of the boys in whatever activity we’re doing because “there could be a blog post here” I am so present and in their faces I’m almost distant and not actually present at all. Get out from behind the camera mom! I don’t need to blog about every single activity {thankfully because I don’t have time for that} and really just pay attention to the learning happening in front of me. I need these reminders like this. I need to hear that wanting to work is okay, but not to miss what’s happening in front of me too. So thank you Nikki, again.

    • Thank you, mama! I do the same thing. I’m so in his face all the time but I’m not really there. Even after I wrote this post I was really struggling not to pick up my phone. I had just published this piece so I wanted to see how it was doing, reread my writing a hundred times like I do for everything I write and make sure I said what I needed to and meant to. I’m probably addicted to my phone on some level and that’s a whole nother post in and of itself! But working, I am not sorry that I work. I hate that I have to go into the office full time coming up soon, but right now, these work from home days are invaluable.

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  • Such a sweet post! It’s making me tear up as I sit here and blog while my two babies are napping. Darn these postpartum hormones! 🙂 Now I want to go wake up my toddler and cuddle with her. I get all the newborn cuddles at night when we cosleep. 🙂 xoxo.. and by the way, the pictures on your blog are beautiful!

  • Wow, You and I are in a similar situation (I’m married). It’s a constant struggle to be there for my kids, be there for my husband, and “be there” for myself. Work and play don’t really go hand in hand anymore, and it can be tough to cope. Sounds like you have it all together though. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing! Posts like this need to be out there for all moms to realize we are good enough and to do what makes us happy because that in turn makes us great moms.

  • I struggled with the being present part as well! It’s absolutely hard as a working mom to switch your mindset back and forth. Especially when being a mom comes with all of those extra responsibilities like cleaning, making dinner, etc. Finding time to be present definitely means letting go of something. My perfectionist nature made that hard 🙂

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