Biracial Baby Hair – Perfecting & protecting the curls

Biracial Baby Hair – Perfecting & protecting the curls
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Biracial Baby’s Hair

For those of you who know my son, you know he has the most amazing spiral curls that everyone dreams of having. Yes, everyone. They are perfect and I will forever brag about them.

mixed baby hair

These curls require some serious maintenance though or they go from gorgeous spirals to dry and frizzy pretty quickly. I admittedly do not do his hair every day, I’m lucky if we both get a bath twice a week so spending twenty minutes doing a 1 year old’s hair is not on my list of daily must-do’s. But, I am pretty proud of these curls when I do take the time.


Before we get started here are my MUST HAVE products for protecting my mixed baby’s hair.
1. Just For Me Hair Milk Leave-In Detangler 10 oz

2. Just For Me Hair Milk Conditioner, Hydrate and Protect Leave In 10 oz

3. Just For Me Hair Milk Curl Smoother 8 Ounce (235ml)

The Just for Me product line is made for African-American children’s hair and it is a Godsend. I remember the first time I used the Curl Smoother, our entire live’s changed. Ok, that’s dramatic, but it did make a world of difference.

The texture of my biracial son’s hair is course and even a bit wiry. His curls are defined as corkscrews or coils. I find it important to mention this, because, it may have been naive of me, but I didn’t realize the variety of mixed hair types there were! What works for Zay’s hair type may not suit your needs.

1. Shampoo once a week with a dime size (or smaller) amount of shampoo of your choice. Just need to get him clean as quick as possible, and whatever does the trick works for me.

2. Condition 1-2 times per week with a nickel size amount of Just for Me Conditioner. Now I put 1-2 times per week here because that’s how many baths we get a week. Don’t judge me, we get clean when we can. If he were to have more baths, I would probably condition at each one. It would just depend on how dry his hair was between baths.

3. Spray in Just for Me Detangler and comb out the knots with my fingers and a wet hair brush. This is my least favorite task for my biracial baby’s hair, but little man must have a tough scalp because he handles it really well. I do this while we are still in the bath and rinse his hair with water routinely to minimize the amount of product in his hair. He is still a baby after all, and doesn’t have that much hair, so a little bit of product goes a long way for us.


4. This is where the magic happens, are you ready? While still in the bath and with very wet hair, I work a little less than a dime sized drop of Just for Me Curl Smoother through his hair. I make sure to get the top, back and sides even though his curls are mainly concentrated on the top of his head.
just for me curl smoother

Once his hair dries, it is beautiful. The curls spiral up tight and still have movement to them. The product can stiffen up his hair if I accidentally use too much, but this is why I use it while his hair is soaking wet.

On days in between baths when my mixed son’s hair needs a moisture boost, I will  use the tiniest drop of the Just for Me Curl Smoother throughout his hair. It works best if I dampen his hair a bit first using water in my hand. No need to dump him under a faucet for this, a hint of moisture to cling to is all that is needed.

After all of this, we end up with award-winning curls that are moisturized and soft. No really, we won one of eight water color silhouettes by Dapper and Darling for these locks, and you should absolutely check out their shop for a silhouette of your own.

biracial baby hair mixed baby



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