Flying with a baby – Part 2

Flying with a baby – Part 2
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Flying with a baby – Part 2

Several months ago I gave you all a few tips on flying with an infant in lap and after a couple more flights, now with a toddler rather than a newborn, I’m back to expand on them.

flying with a baby - pt 2

In case you forgot, I recommended that you should forego the stroller / car seat, take help from anyone who offers (or even who doesn’t!), and sit in the aisle seat, among others. Since then, little Z and I have flown a few more times, and he’s become a lot more mobile, so I’ve got a couple more tips to share for flying with a baby (who’s mobile!)

  1. Harness that baby 
    I NEVER thought I would be the mom who attached her kid to a leash, but Zay refuses to sit in a stroller for longer than 15 minutes, and unless it’s nap time or absolutely necessary, he’s bored of the wrap too! He is only 11 months right now, but he’s been walking since October, so on our latest flight, I bought him a harness. This was so helpful while we sat at the gate or ate lunch, because he could “wander” safely. And for all those haters (because apparently there are some serious haters on this topic as I learned after posting the photo below) the leash is 3 feet long, so he can’t really wander away and I’m still keeping my eye on him, he’s just got a little bit of room to stretch his legs and feel independent. So back off a bit, k?
    baby harness backpack flying with a baby
  2. Bring toys, like a lot of them.
    Ok, this sounds like a no-brainer, but it was not so obvious for me. I thought my son would be content with the one book and one toy that I packed, for a 12 hour travel day. What the heck was I thinking!? I’ll tell you that I was thinking “pack light,” “he might lose something. OH NO!” Well both of those thoughts can go paddle up a creek. I don’t care if we lose a toy quite honestly, we needed a lot more to keep his attention. If you use a harness, as mentioned above, many of them are backpacks as well. So! Pack that backpack with as much of your kid’s crap as you can jam in there. You will need it.
  3. Pack an extra outfit (for yourself) 
    Sure, you are a good mom, you pack extra clothes for your little one in case there’s a potty accident, or spilled food / drinks. Packing for them is practically second nature to you, but when you are traveling you need to pack an extra outfit for yourself as well. Zay threw up all over my jacket on the first leg of the return flight home. I fortunately had my carry-on stuffed with clothes, so I was able to change, but this was not planned. These kinds of things happen all of them time and you need to be prepared or you’re going to make a tough trip even tougher (and stinkier / stickier too.)

baby harness backpack

Hopefully these tips will help get you through flying with a baby, particularly when they are a bit more mobile than at the true infant stage.

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11 thoughts on “Flying with a baby – Part 2”

  • My little guy has been on 25 flights and we have yet to have a bad experience! Of course it was much easier when I could just nurse him to sleep,but now he is so interested in planes that it can be so much fun!! We are gearing up for a cross country drive, so looking forward to that and many busy bags!! Thanks for the share!

  • Great tips – we first travelled with our son when he was 4 months old. Now at 4 years old I find it much easier. He can just chill out and play a game on the iPad, watch a movie, colour etc.

  • I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and have been contemplating flying alone with them across the country. Keeping both busy for 5 hours gives me a little anxiety. It was so much easier before they could walk 🙂

  • Great tips! With twins, the harnesses are a must have. I don’t care what kind of looks I get. It’s for their safety and my sanity. An extra change of clothes for mommy is brilliant!

  • I’ve never flown with my child. She is now four, but the thought of flying with a little one is something that I used to wonder how parents did it! Kudos to you for surviving—and sharing your tips!

  • We think bringing a Snuggin along with you on your journey is another way to help make flying with little ones painless (or at least less painful!) 🙂 Check us out and if you’d be interested in reviewing Snuggin as part of your series we’ll send you one to see for yourself how it can improve the lives of parents and our little loved ones! <3

  • Haha- girl! I am all about the harness! I had 2 students (twins) that requires special safety harnesses and it forever changed my opinion! Love your selfie! So pretty!

  • I am all about the harness! I don’t have one for my little ones; however, I think its way more safe to harness your child instead of having them run all around. Wait until Zay is old enough to sit in his own seat. You will really need a harness then.

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