DIY Super Hero Birthday Party

DIY Super Hero Birthday Party
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DIY Super Hero Birthday Party

Little man turned one! And to celebrate we had a DIY Super Hero Birthday Party that turned out amazingly. We had a bounce house and a hot dog cart, capes, a photo booth complete with super hero photo booth props, and the biggest hit of the day: a Punch for a Prize game board.

DIY Super hero birthday party

This party was a good combination of DIY and store bought. I went a little above and beyond financially because it was my son’s first, but the DIY elements helped bring the cost down.

Our highest price aspects were the bounce house  from Simply Inflatables and the hot dog cart from B-Dawgs Hot Dogs & More. These two were awesome to have though, and the hot dog cart also had pretzels, sausages, chips, drinks, snow cones and more. I highly recommend B-Dawgs if you’re in or around the Sarasota, FL area. They set up out in the yard next to the bounce house and served people hot delicious food as they were hungry.

bounce house hot dog cart birthday party

bounce house inflation station mommy my way

    The super hero photo booth was my personal favorite, and it was surprisingly simple and affordable to set up. I bought a white plastic table cloth from the dollar store (among other colors used for other aspects of this party, which I’ll get into later) and then snagged these AMAZING super hero photo booth props off Etsy from ThePartyGirlStudio.I picked a low traffic corner of the patio with good lighting to hang up the table cloth and set up my camera on a tripod. I stuck the props in a holder (think PVC pipe) next to the white backdrop and let the guests take photos of each other.At the end of the day, I uploaded to my computer and made a few minor tweaks to the lighting and sent out the finished photos to my guests.Take a look at some of my favorites below:
    DIY birthday party game punch for a prize board
    This was such a big hit! Literally. And again, was so easy to make.
    Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board, White (730109)
    Retractable Utility Knife
    Plastic Party Cups
    Tissue Paper, Assorted Colors
    Rubber Bands
    – Prizes
    1. On the backside of the board, trace the opening of the cups using a marker. I estimated about 10-15 kids showing up to Zay’s party, so we had 15 holes: 3 across and 5 down.
    DIY birthday party game punch for a prize board

    2. Using the utility knife, cutout the holes. I made them a bit smaller than the tracing so the cups would fit snuggly.
    DIY birthday party game punch for a prize board

    3. Flip the board over and color the front however you please. We used traditional comic book phrases and exclamations like, “Pow!” and “Bam!” with a pop art take. I’m creative, but not artistic, as Zay’s Nana puts it, so this portion was not photo worthy. hah.

    4. Put the prizes in the cups.

    5. Put a sheet of tissue paper over the cups and secure with a rubber band.
    DIY birthday party game punch for a prize board

    6. Insert the cups through the holes from the front.
    DIY birthday party game punch for a prize board

    7. Prop the board up against something sturdy.

    The board doesn’t stay up on it’s own, so have someone hold it when it comes time for the kids to show off their strength. Let them take turns punching through the tissue paper to win the prize in the cup. It’s particularly fun if you have a variety of prizes to choose from.

    diy super hero cityscape backdropSupplies:
    – Blue plastic table cloth
    – Black poster board (5 sheets)
    – Yellow poster board (1 sheet)
    – Tape
    – ScissorsDirections:
    1. Hang the blue plastic table cloth wherever you want your backdrop to be.2. Draw out a cityscape (random height rectangles, occasional triangle top) buildings on the black poster board. Combine two pieces of poster board for extra tall buildings.

    3.  Use the scissors to cut out your cityscape.

    4. Tape the cutout black poster board to the blue plastic tablecloth. *Note: double sided tape doesn’t hold up well. Use masking tape for a more secure hold.

    5. Cut out small rectangles using the yellow poster board.

    6. Tape the yellow rectangles randomly on the black poster board to give the illusion of building lights being on at night. diy super hero cityscape backdrop

    – Plastic table cloths in red, blue, yellow and/or white (each table cloth can make 4 capes)
    – Scissors
    – Markers
    – Double sided tape
    – Paper plate
    – StickersDirections:
    1. Open the plastic table cloths and unfold them partially.2. Using the scissors cut the table cloths into rectangles about 3′ x 4′. I just used the fold lines on the cape to make a guesstimated measurement.
    DIY Super Hero Cape

    3. On the short end of the table cloth, cut a semi-circle shape for the neck portion. A triangle or deeper circle may work better for bigger kids.
    DIY Super hero cape

    4. Using the scrap table cloth, trace the paper plate.
    DIY Super hero cape

    5. Cut out the circles.
    DIY Super hero cape

    6. Using the double-sided tape, tape the circles to the rectangles.
    DIY Super hero cape

    7. Let the kids color their own capes and stick stickers wherever they please.8. Tie the cape around child’s neck and let them play!
    DIY Super hero cape

    *Bonus – DIY super her capes are made from plastic table cloth material, so can be used as bibs for easy cake clean-up!

This DIY Super Hero Birthday Party was such a success. I’m so incredibly proud of how it all came together, and so thankful for everyone who took time out of their day to attend. I’m especially thankful for those who traveled to come. It meant so much to me and to Zaylen to have you here with us.

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