Why I secretly love cold and flu season

Why I secretly love cold and flu season
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Snotty noses, sore throats, fevers and cranky babies who don’t sleep: I’m pretty sure that’s what Hell looks like. It’s also what cold and flu season and my present reality look like. My baby has an ear infection, a stomach virus and, if that weren’t enough, he is also cutting his two top teeth. To say that we are both miserable right now is the understatement of a lifetime.

cold and flu season

Photo: Sickies by Monica H. 

But despite waking up every 20 minutes all night long, not being able to get one single thing done, having to put all of my Nommies orders on hold, and, worst of all, Zay being in pain, I secretly love cold and flu season.

My son goes 100 mph non-stop every day. I mean, he started walking two weeks ago and has graduated to running already, so I know you know what I’m talking about! Nap time is always a fight as there are a million other things he wants to be doing rather than sleeping. So when all my poor little man wants to do is cuddle up with mama when he’s under the weather, you better believe I’m about that life.

Once Zay made it through his 4 month sleep regression, he went back to bedtime in his crib in his room. I stare at the baby monitor for about 15 minutes before I go to bed and anytime I wake throughout the night. Sometimes I wish I could just go in there when I can’t get to sleep and pick him up. But I don’t. I just let him sleep and love on him in the morning. But during cold and flu season and now that he’s not feeling well, he’s back in my bed again at night. Sure, I’m a zombie at work if I even make it into the office at all, but there’s not a whole lot in this world that tops cosleeping. There’s something about having a soft warm baby in your arms at night that makes even the most disjointed sleep feel just a tad bit better. The snuggles aren’t restricted to only bed time either, we snuggle on the couch and the floor and we baby wear all day long without any drama.

Whether it’s daycare crud or just a common cold, the perks go beyond snuggles. The yuckiness keeps Zay out of daycare and me out of the office, so although it’s not the most glamorous of vacation days, it’s at least a break. It also reminds me that these days of Zaylen’s infancy are fleeting. It is so easy to get caught up in work, my business and the blog, that I have to consciously appreciate every moment I have with my son. His ear infection, stomach virus and teething have prohibited me from doing anything except snuggle, but that’s not a bad thing, and that’s why I secretly love cold and flu season.


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