A trip to the Georgia Aquarium

A trip to the Georgia Aquarium
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A trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

Several weeks back, Zay and I went to the Atlanta Zoo with a friend visiting from out of town. Although it was a good time and we enjoyed ourselves, the outing wasn’t as exciting as I had anticipated it would have been. I thought the Georgia Aquarium would be more fitting for an infant because there is a lot more movement and we could get up close and personal with the exhibits. So when my mom came to visit this weekend, the aquarium was definitely on our agenda. It turned out to be the perfect day for my 9 month old, who *BONUS* took his first steps the day before! I’m one proud mama, by the way.

Georgia Aquarium

Zay was in awe of all of the fish and sea creatures. We started the day with a dolphin training demonstration and it was exciting for all of us. The dolphins did a variety of tricks and Zay even clapped for them when the rest of the crowd did. It is so cute to see his personality beginning to shine through.

georgia aquarium

What I love most about the Georgia Aquarium is the serenity of the large glass (acrylic?) enclosures. They span the whole wall in most cases and whether you are touching the glass or sitting a few feet back, you just have this beautiful and vast seascape surrounding you. I was mesmerized, and I’d like to think my son was too.

georgia aquarium

One super fun encounter we had was with the penguins. It was very crowded in this area, but we snuck back to the corner where there was a huddle of penguins. One little guy was swimming around right by us and he followed my hand around doing Figure 8’s and flips. He did this for about 10 minutes, and probably would have kept going if Zay and I had stayed a bit longer.

georgia aquarium

In addition to this fun trip out with Grandma, Zay was dressed in such a cute outfit. It was easily my favorite of Zay’s this week (besides his Halloween costume, of course !) And because the photos from the Georgia Aquarium are so amazing, I just had to do a travel / fashion combo post.

His outfit was purchased from Babies R Us and H&M and, again, is comprised of basic pieces that can be mixed and matched with so many other items that it makes it worth the extra cost of buying from a store like Babies R Us.

H&M Biege Long-Sleeved Body Suit: $7.99
Koala Kids Boys Cuffed Denim Jeans w/ Suspenders:  $12.74
Koala Baby Boys Tan Soft Sole Work Boots: $14.99

What I love about the jeans with suspenders is that the suspenders come off. They add such a great dimension to his outfit, but I can remove them if it doesn’t work with his overall look. I also never pull them up over his shoulders. They hang loose down by his side and are just the perfect little accent.

georgia aquarium


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16 thoughts on “A trip to the Georgia Aquarium”

  • These are lovely photos from the aquarium! 🙂 My son was absolutely fascinated with sea creatures and fish at around three years old and I remember taking him to an aquarium then, we all absolutely loved it because he took so much delight in everything!:) They really help you to see the world through different eyes, don’t they?

    • Thank you and yes, children do have that affect on us! I feel like the aquarium will be one of our favorite spots for the next few years.

  • Love his suspender pants!! I’m glad I read this, I’ve stayed away from the aquarium thinking my 2 yr old would be bored! This has inspired me to leave the house 😉 haha

  • Zay is so cute! Little model. I love dressing my boys, even though my 9 year old is now more opinionated about his outfits then when he was little lol. Mom still wins.

    We LOVE the GA Aquarium. Whenever we have visitors out of town that’s where we take them. Last year my family was visiting from Switzerland, my uncle absolutely refused to leave the big room/ large glass area. He loved the serenity. When we go there we spend hours in that room. Boys lay down in front of the glass and just watch or they are trying to find all the fish from that little fish card they give out. Great thing to do during the rainy and colder months! Have you taken Zay to the imagine it children’s museum? If not you should.


    • We saw the Dolphine training show but not the actual show. Our timing was a little off so the actual show was just a tad too late for us. And thank you about his outfit! The baby basics section is so incredibly cheap and CUTE! You absolutely have to check it out 🙂

  • Your son is adorable! That aquarium looks awesome. I love how he could get right up close and see the fish. His first steps at 9 months?!?! That’s amazing momma!

  • What a fun day! I love the aquarium but I don’t get there as often as I would like to. The water is so gorgeous and blue! Your son is also adorable, by the way! 😉

  • That’s a lowly outfit. Looks comfortable too.

    I can see the mesmerizing seascape & id completely just forget I’m with anyone and just get lost it the view lol.

  • What a fun trip to the aquarium! My hubby and I took our kids to the aquarium this past summer and they absolutely loved it and so did we. It’s really a great place to take your kids too. Also, your son is so adorable and the outfit is so cute!

  • My husband and I went to the Aquarium before we had children, and I felt like a child again! I can’t wait to take my daughters some time. Can I also say how much I love H&M?! They are finally building 2 in Savannah, and I can’t wait to hit them up. Great post!

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