Two Is Enough

Two Is Enough
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One day my son will ask me where his father is, or why he doesn’t have a daddy. I think about this day often; and up until now, I had no idea what I was going to tell him. I thought about telling him every detail of every fight over the four years of my relationship with his father.  I thought about ignoring those details completely and ‘playing dumb.’ I thought about the words I would say and the tears I would wipe away, but nothing sounds as perfect as “two is enough.”

I never thought I would be moved to tears by a children’s picture book, but when I tell you that I absolutely was, I say that with sincerity. Two Is Enough by Janna Matthies is the perfect book for my family.

two is enough by janna matthies

When author, Janna Matthies’s friend adopted a child as a single mother, Janna couldn’t find an appropriate children’s book to give her. The only adoption stories she found used the language “when we brought you home.” That experience inspired her to write Two is Enough, which follows four families throughout each season of the year, with tangible love centering every image.

I always thought that my son would be missing out on something by being raised by a single parent. I thought he would feel unloved because his father has never tried to meet him. But after reading this book, I know that the amount of love I have for my child is more than enough. I know that the adventures we have and the stories we share are even more precious because it’s just us. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that two is enough.

Two Is Enough goes on sale November 10 and will be available at all retailers.


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31 thoughts on “Two Is Enough”

  • This is awesome, thanks for sharing. I love gifting books at baby showers and birthday’s instead of a card. These days they almost cost the same. I will definitely put this on the list. My mother in law lost her husband to leukemia when she was 26 with two boys at the time 7 and 4. She never remarried, dated here and there but never remarried. She raised two most compassionate and loving boys,that adore her more than anything. I have so much respect for single Moms. You ladies are like super heroes, you are practically two people at once 😉

    • Thank you so much. There are so many little things that make a huge impact to a single parent. When I was pregnant, I attended prenatal yoga classes, birthing classes, hospital tours and more all by myself. Most families or women would say “we are having” “we are so excited” and I felt so out of place to say “I” that I eventually just started using “we” too. Mos tof the time I would then have to explain that when I said “we” I meant me and my unborn child, not me and my husband / boyfriend / significatn other. It became more awkward than if I had just stuck with “I.” Books like this are so amazing because it makes our family feel normal, because it is normal!

    • Please do. This would be such a meaningful gift for her. I didn’t write this book, and I don’t get any commission on sales, but I can see the value of it. I know the impact it will have first hand. I hope you direct her to my blog as well and tell her if she needs anything at all, that I’m here. I’m not just a face behind a screen, I’m a single mom who knows the struggles and the pain all too well.

    • Absolutely, and thank you. Sometimes we have to be reminded that just because our life is a little different, and maybe even a little hard, doesn’t mean it isn’t special and amazing!

  • Books are full of so may wonderful stories, aren’t they? I really need to check this out for a single mother I know and I’m sure she’s really love it. I’ll be watching for it on November 10th. I spend a lot of time in book stores as I’m a book worm like no other.

    • Great, thanks so much, Terri! I hope you direct your single mom friend to my blog as well. It can be hard when you feel like you’re all alone. Let her know that she’s always welcome here and I love meeting single mamas so we can related on such a deep level. <3

  • Thank you for sharing this book! I know alot of moms who are facing the situation that you are and I can’t wait to share this with them. I am certain that your son will grow up with all the love in the world!

    • Thank you, Jataya. That means so much to me. I sure hope my son knows that he is loved beyond measure and that being raised by a single mom doesn’t mean he grew up without something.

  • That sounds like an amazing book! For sure, I think that no one is missing ‘anything’ for as long as there is already someone who is showering them with a lot of love. You’re a strong woman and your son will be awesome!

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful book! I will definitely look at this and get some as holiday gifts for my little nephews and nieces. Your story reminded me of my sister, who wrote a children’s book about a tripod turtle (a turtle who lost one of his legs) because she wanted to bring awareness to small kids too about the realities of life but in a subtle way.

  • Before I had kids I ran the children’s department of a bookstore. I could never find a book like this, so I’m very glad someone wrote it. Thanks for sharing, Nikki! This is so sweet!

  • this sounds like an amazing book. And I agree – sometimes it is better to be apart. My brother is no longer with the mother of his son and it is just BETTER. We all do the best we can and be the best mamas we know how to be! Which i am sure you are!

  • I love this book already. I was raised by a single mom and she did an awesome job and I know it was hard for her but she never once let me see her sweat.

  • how sweet. I’ve never heard of this book before but it’s so incredibly great. I hope when that question to you comes you can find just the right words for your son

  • I can somehow relate to this book. My first husband, my children’s biological father left them while I was working in another country. He never made any attempt to contact the kids, even ask how they are, nothing. I raised three children, all by myself. My kids do not ask where their father is. They have no love for him. They wouldn’t care less about him. I could not blame my kids, because they know that their father was not worth our love anyway. We are happy the way we are now, with my second husband, the man whom my kids now call “Dad.”

  • My son and daughter in law are debating having another child, though they seem fairly content with the two they have. This post is certainly worth sharing, and hopefully they’ll read the book as well! Thank you for sharing this wonderful information! 🙂

  • I think that single parents are heroes. They have double duty. I can’t imagine how this conversation would go and think books help parents and children equally. I love that your friend took initiative to create a book that needed to be shared.

  • What a perfect book? It made me think of the song, “Just the two of us.”
    Being a mom isn’t easy. Thinking of how to approach all that life deals our little ones is hard. Not knowing the outcome until all is said and done is even harder. It’s nice to see a book that supports our circumstances. You rock and your little guy is one lucky dude to have you.

  • I appreciate your point of view. Though I’m not a single mom, I have many friends who are, and I feel like this would be such a great book to gift to them. Thank you for being so open and brave on this topic.


  • Every family is different, and I’m glad you found a book that helps your situation. I’m sure your son will love you no matter what. Being a single parent sounds so challenging to me, so I imagine that finding a book that takes some of that burden away would be a blessing! Good luck to you two. Keep up the loving mama work.

  • It’s so amazing to see kids books that touch upon hard, real life issues. I am so thankful that there are people out there who are blessed with talent and know how to gently introduce difficult concepts! You two are enough 🙂

  • I usually only buy mini me books from my Usborne website but this is going to the top of her birthday wishlist. I often worry about how future conversations go and every tool can help. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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