Mommy and Me Halloween Costume – Mom and son Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Mommy and Me Halloween Costume – Mom and son Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
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Mommy and Me Halloween Costume – Mom and Son Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

I love Halloweeen and hate tacky store bought costumes. I love taking clothes I already own and turning them into new characters. I will usually add some handmade DIY or store-bought accent pieces to really pull the look together. In the past, I have gone as Rosie the Riveter, a pin-up girl, and a housewife.

This year, it is my first Halloween with Zay. He will be 9 months old for Halloween and fully mobile so he’s the perfect age to do matching family costumes. Some of my ideas were Mike Wazowski and Boo from Monster’s Inc., Lilo and Stitch or Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Of course, when I went into the Disney store for Zay’s costume they had ALL THREE of these options in baby sizes. Well tickle me, pink, you can bet I was now faced with  a dilemma. Which do I choose?!

Mommy and me halloween costume

Since you’ve seen the title and the featured / Pinterest image for this post, you probably already know that we chose Mickey and Minnie. It’s the one I’ve been most excited about for a couple of years now, even before I knew I was having a baby.

Zay’s portion is store bought specifically for halloween. We bought the onesie and little yellow slippers from The Disney Store. The beanie with ears came with the onesie, but I really didn’t like them because the beanie didn’t fit right for him. We wore it anyways, ha! I drew on a cute mousey nose with black eyeliner and if it gets cold on the actual night of Halloween, we can add a pair of black pants underneath the onesie to keep his legs warm.

mickey mouse halloween costume

My costume consists of items I already own and a few accent pieces bought specifically for the costume. I bought polka dot Minnie Mouse tights, Minnie Mouse fingerless gloves, and Mickey Mouse hair bows.

minnie mouse halloween costume

I wore a black short sleeve shirt and red shorts I already own and I put my hair in cotton candy bun pigtails on top of my head to simulate mouse ears. I LOVE making my costumes and getting to pair it with Zay is all the better.

mickey and minnie matching costume

This year, we will show off our costumes at his school’s trunk or treat and around our neighborhood for our first ever trick or treat night as a family. I’m loving our matching Halloween costumes and can’t wait to show them off to his teachers, classmates and our neighbors.

What were you and your family for Halloween this year? Tag your photos on Instagram and Twitter with #mommymyway @mommymyway so I can see them!

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16 thoughts on “Mommy and Me Halloween Costume – Mom and son Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse”

  • Your little Mickey Mouse is absolutely adorable! This is a great Mommy and Me costume idea and looks like it was pretty easy to pull off, not requiring a whole lot of complicated parts and pieces. Being able to move around comfortably is a big plus when it comes to costume ideas! P.S. I love the polka dots on the cuffs of your pants.

  • This is an adorable way and to do a mommy and me costume. I feel like too often Halloween is lost on parents and this is a great way to get everyone involved and connected. I think it would be easy to build on as well for the whole family! Very cute.

    • I completely agree! You could even include the family pet: PLUTO. This would be so much fun to do with a bunch of family members, but for now, it is just me and baby boy so we’ll make do with just the classics. 🙂 Are you participating in Halloween? What are you and/or your family dressing up as?

  • OMG!! You guys are too cute!! This is the first year out of (9 years with kids) that I have bought something similar to my kids. My DD4 wanted to buy matching Anna wigs. How could I say no!! It was so much fun dressing up like her!! Your son looks adorable! I love how you found clothes to match!

  • Totally adorable! I love the originally and the DIY costume. You can tell it is Minnie Mouse without it being overly Minnie… does that make sense?! Love the polka dot stockings and the little angle cuffs! The two buns top it off perfectly! Great job!

  • a. That is totally cool! I absolutely like the costume especially when you mentioned it was a DIY project. It only shows that it only takes creativity to save money and have fun in preparing your costumes. Your son is so adorable and you two look so cute. This is truly a good chance for you and your family to have the quality time with each other.

  • this was a super cute idea! what a great way to bond with your child! As he grows older you should definitely continue the tradition…atleast until he is so old he can’t stand it. lol. i do themed birthday parties for the children in my life and i love to dress up like the theme. thanks for sharing.

  • This an an absolutely adorable idea for a mommy and me costume. What are great way to make things fun for both baby and mom and not to mention Mickey and Minnie are purely priceless icons of childhood. So cute!

  • Such a cute costume! You actually just inspired mine!! I have Minnie Mouse ears from my God Daughters birthday so I am going to break those bad boys out for this Halloween party I am going to 🙂

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