Baby’s First Solids (with simple homemade baby food puree preparation instructions)

Baby’s First Solids (with simple homemade baby food puree preparation instructions)

homemade baby food

Deciding to feed Zay solids was something that took some time for me to accept. His doctor said he could go ahead and start them at four months of age. We did one attempt at rice cereal and chose to hold off after that because I didn’t feel he was ready yet. Admittedly, we got a little envious when a few of Zay’s friends starting eating solids and we were still only on breast milk.

Because my little man has a sensitive stomach, I really wanted to give him something homemade and not pre-packaged and filled with preservatives. I also decided on the homemade baby food route for cost reasons. I can buy fruits and vegetables that I would eat anyways and prepare them for Zaylen at a fraction of the cost of packaged, store bought brands made of the same thing.

We started with bananas. Partly because Grandma was so determined to see her grandbaby eat solids while we were in Florida visiting a few weeks ago that she whipped up a batch of bananas and breast milk while we were out and “surprised” us at breakfast. And partly because it was the easiest to make. I didn’t have to cook them first to soften them and all I had to do was throw them into the mini food processor for a minute. Zay loves them. He had a bit of a breakout the first day he ate them, and was also a little stopped up digestively, but after a few days both issues cleared completely.

homemade baby food
Zay has heart eyes for bananas.

homemade baby food

After one week of bananas twice a day, we added steamed carrots mixed with breastmilk once a day and dropped the bananas down to once a day. The first few days of carrots were not as successful as the bananas, and he made the cutest “this is disgusting” face with each bite. After trying different temperatures and consistencies we found the magic combination.

homemade baby food
not so much for carrots

Next up on our list of homemade baby food purees to try were peaches, squash, sweet potatoes and peas from our local farmer’s market. Two weeks’ worth of solids for only $7. I would say that is a win, win, win. So far, we’ve done great with all of them except squash. That didn’t sit well on baby’s tummy.

Downloadable Baby Food Recipes – Printable Baby Puree Recipes

baby food_carrots

baby food_peas

baby food_banana

8 thoughts on “Baby’s First Solids (with simple homemade baby food puree preparation instructions)”

  • This is really helpful for me right now. I’ve just started solods too. Lexi loved banana (I wasn’t so keen on the banana poo though) but doesn’t seem to like potato and carrot.

  • Starting weaning yesterday so great timing to read this. He tried a little porridge (well he is Scottish) as well as parsnip and banana. Love this stage of development.

  • I started my daughter on solids a bit early. She was showing signs that she was ready for food and sitting up well. Now that she’s 5 months I’m giving her more food and introducing new things to her. It awesome to watch them try different things. She loves Mango & Sweet Potato. I love that I can make it for her and know it’s fresh, organic, and good for her.

  • Thanks for posting this! Baby food gets so expensive, so it’s nice to be able to make it yourself and it’s really not too hard. These pictures are so sweet too!

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