Nommies by Mommy – Silicone teething necklace

Nommies by Mommy – Silicone teething necklace
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So it isn’t like I didn’t have enough on my plate already with working full time, blogging and raising Zay on my own, not to mention moving into our first home, going to school and writing a book, but, I am proud to announce the launch of my business: Nommies by Mommy My Way – Fashionable silicone teething necklace for teething babies with stylish moms. You can find my silicone teething necklace designs here, by clicking the Shop tab in the top navigation of Mommy My Way or by visiting my Etsy shop directly: NommiesbyMommy.


Nommies by Mommy is my line of handmade, BPA-free silicone teething necklaces and bracelets for mom and baby. Designs are simple and elegant in neutral tones with a splash of color so matching is a breeze. In addition to beautiful color combinations, the quality is the best in the business. (Yes, I am tooting my own horn. Jump on board, would ya?)


I have always wanted to start a business, and have wavered on both sides of the launching line over the years. After having Zay I realizedĀ all of the expenses that come with a baby and how difficult it is to tackle those expenses on a single income. I still plan on keeping my day job and progressing in my career in order to pay the bills, but this side project will hopefully generate enough income to cover some of the baby basics, like daycare and diapers (or heck, even just diapers works for me.) If things really take off, I can even start saving for the big stuff like college or Zay’s first car. But those are far-fetched dreams right now as we’re just hoping for enough to make ends meet.


Since joining the mom community on Instagram, I’ve seen what the possibilities are. I truly feel a connection to this product (silicone teething necklace) and believe moms and babies alike will benefit from my teething jewelry. Make sure you follow the shop on Instagram @NommiesbyMommy as I’ll be posting exclusive promotions there as I reach follower milestones and searching for Brand Representatives to receive free products and special discounts.


I hope that you love Nommies silicone teething necklaces as much as I do. At the very least, check out the shop and let me know your thoughts (good or bad) on my new mom-venture. Thank you in advance for all of your support. <3


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