Moving Day


I’ve been a little lax on the blog posts lately and that’s because I’ve been transitioning back to work full time after maternity leave [Read about that HERE] the last few weeks and moving into our new home: our first home to be exact. No excuses though and I promise to get back into a more consistent posting schedule as soon as possible.

On April 15 I purchased a beautiful two story, two bedroom townhouse just outside the perimeter. I didn’t plan to buy a home during maternity leave, but it all kind of fell into place a little too perfectly to not follow through with it. The price was right and the house is everything I wanted it to be. I’ve also been saving for my entire life and building my credit in preparation for this day, so after Zay was born, the timing just worked out.

I am in love with the stone detail
I am in love with the stone detail

Every day for the last two weeks I’ve been packing up my Mommy Mobile and delivering a set of boxes to the new place. I was anxious to be out of the apartment and to eliminate some of the clutter that inevitably occurs during a move. I was ready to be in our beautiful new home.


In addition to packing a car full of boxes each day, I also used my half days to tackle some upstairs painting. With my mom in town and full days of daycare already paid for, I could paint without Zay there breathing in paint fumes. I used Behr paint with an eggshell base that allows for simple cleaning. This way when Zay gets a bit older and decides he wants to dabble in the art of “interior design” (read: scribbling with permanent marker all over my house”), I won’t go insane scrubbing them clean.

Nursery Colors: Infinite Deep Sea and Silver Bullet
Nursery Colors: Infinite Deep Sea and Silver Bullet
Master Bedroom Color: Silver Bullet
Master Bedroom Color: Silver Bullet
Master Bath Color: Mirador
Master Bath Color: Mirador
Master Bath
Master Bath: I’m obsessed with this lush color

After two weeks of snail-speed moving and the painting finally finished, I got the itch to just make the complete move. I wanted to let go of all of the pain associated with the apartment and start fresh in our new home. This is a place where Zaylen and I can build our life together. This is where Zaylen will learn to walk and to ride a bike. This is where Zaylen will say his first words. This is the home that matters.

I rented a Uhaul and hired moving help through them too. On Saturday morning the movers showed up and were very nice, but the day didn’t come without its hiccups. What was originally quoted at 3 hours ended up taking almost 6. Zay’s changing table, my bed and my couch all suffered damages; and the bed and the couch aren’t even paid off yet.

I luckily (and coincidentally) had help from a good friend of mine from college. I originally asked her to come on Sunday to help paint, but Saturday fit her schedule better. With having movers I didn’t even think I would need help with him on moving day. The movers would move and I would handle the baby, right? Wrong! So thankfully Kelk was there to run interference.

By the time the moving was finished and I had returned the truck on Saturday, I was utterly exhausted. I still had to get the cats and the last of the boxes from the apartment, but I was too tired and I hadn’t pumped since 5 am either. I felt like I was bursting at the seems and well past due for a nap. So once the dust settled I tackled both.


I returned to the apartment on Sunday with hopes of taking everything that was left, but I had more than I thought I did. I decided the cats and several miscellaneous items could stay a few extra days. There’s still one more week to clear everything out, and with how tired I feel, the rest can wait.

As for what comes next, I am not unpacking anything that I don’t need or want or that doesn’t have a place. Everything that falls into one of those categories is going to be consigned or donated. This is our forever home and we don’t need to fill it with the past’s junk.

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