Dear Mom

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Dear Mom,

Being a mom is hard work, it’s extremely fulfilling and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it’s hard. The ease in which you swoop in to my newly chaotic life and save me from losing it (and I mean losing all of it) will never cease to amaze me. Your patience, your understanding, your silent sense of wisdom; I only hope I can master these traits as you have one day. But until that day comes, I have you to gently coax me through the meltdowns. So even though thank you isn’t enough, thank you nonetheless.

You are 536.5 miles away (and trust me we feel every. single. inch.), but I know you’re close in spirit. I can call you anytime I need to and know you’ll answer without judgment and without anger, but with an eagerness to assist and a subtle hint of omniscience as if you were expecting my call. The sleep deprivation doesn’t waver your nurturing disposition, and I’m not yet sure how that’s possible. So even though thank you isn’t enough, thank you nonetheless.

I’m truly fortunate to have you as my role model, mentor and mother and Zaylen is so lucky to have you as his grandma. Loving your children is a type of love so unique. And as you’ve told my brother and I countless times, it’s unexplainable. The only way you can know it, is to live it. So thank you. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for providing for us. Thank you for helping us. Thank you for being there for us. And even though thank you can never be enough, thank you nonetheless.

Sending you long distance love, kisses and baby toes. Know that we miss you very much and can’t wait to see you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Love always,

Nikki and Zaylen

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1 thought on “Dear Mom”

  • Hi Nikki, this is a very touching post. I am sure your mom would love it. Your mommy reminds me of my mom. She always listens me my troubles with patience, no anger and then share with me her wisdom. I don’t know who else can do this, except mom. I am learning and trying to become like her. It’s not easy at all.

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