Product Review: Brainy Kit

Product Review: Brainy Kit
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Brainy Kit Product Review

Mommy My Way Rating: 5 (out of 5) paci’s


Price: $39.95 for one kit
Brainy Kit Theme: Polar
Brainy Kit Contents: 

Brainy Kit aims to bring the Montessori learning philosophy into every home. A Montessori school tuition is far more expensive than most families are able to afford, and the Brainy Kit makers wanted to extend the benefits to those who would ordinarily miss out on them. Each kit contains lesson plans for children ages 3-6 years old, arts and craft supplies and a variety of other learning materials.

I received one of their featured products, the Polar Kit, and I have to say I’m truly impressed with it! There are seven different levels of activities so the kit grows with your child. Each lesson plan includes instructions for the parent or caretaker so that specific skills are addressed. All activities combined teach sensory development, critical thinking, memory, vocabulary, writing and strategy.

My favorite lesson plan in this box was the first. This particular lesson begins with a sensory Arctic introduction activity that is great for younger children. You make the instant snow in a plastic bin and fill a second with water and ice cubes. You then invite your child to feel the snow and the icy water as you introduce the miniature animal replicas. You show them where each go and then allow your child to play with the animals in the mock environments you created. The lesson plan provides you with guiding questions to ask your child to get them to think about the animals and what their roles are and also allots time just for self-exploration and play.

If you aren’t familiar with the Montessori philosophy, you can read more about it HERE. The basic gist is that it focuses on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development. Now my personal beliefs are that a child needs structure and routine, so I wouldn’t necessarily enroll Zaylen in a full-time Montessori program. I do, however, believe there are some benefits to this type of education and teaching style for use at home or when used sparingly. This kit provides that in my opinion and I will definitely be using it when Zaylen gets a bit older. I can definitely see the benefits of collecting the various boxes available so that at each developmental stage he would have several activities to do.

This leads me to my only suggestion for improvement: I would categorize the kits by stages rather than themes. This way I could order the Level 1 kit for my three year old and allow him the time to master the different activities designed for his age and skill level. Then at either a predetermined time (subscription model) or when I personally felt my son was ready (single-product sale) I would purchase the next level up. This could also come in handy for someone with a 5 year old who is just finding out about the Brainy Box. They wouldn’t start with the Level 1 kit, but would rather start with a Level 4 or 5. By packaging these kits by theme, I’m forced to hold on to and keep track of all of the little pieces over the course of 3-4 years in order to truly get the full usage out of it. As all of us with little one’s know, that’s never going to realistically happen.

Regardless of this, I give the Brainy Kit Polar Kit 5 out of 5 paci’s. The guided lesson plans, the activities themselves, the high-quality contents, all of these things are fantastic. The concept and the execution of the Brainy Kit, combined with an incredibly affordable price, and you’ve got yourself one fantastic learning experience for your child. I would 100 percent recommend this to parents of children ages 3-6 (I would probably even extend this to 2.5 year olds – 7 year olds!)

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