Mommy My Way 30-Day Squat Challenge

Mommy My Way 30-Day Squat Challenge
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Getting back into shape after you’ve had a baby is probably very low on your to-do list, particularly if you are a single parent. You barely have enough time to remember to shower so how do you find time in the day to work out? One day and a few minutes at a time, is how, and by including baby too.

Beginning today, I am going to do this challenge with all of you and share my progress on the Mommy My Way social networks using the hashtag #mmwsquatchallenge If you decide to do the challenge with me, share your photos using that hashtag! I’ll repost some of my favorites <3

For this challenge, use only your own body weight unless it says “with baby.” On these days, either wrap your little one or put them in a carrier while you do your squats. You’ll notice the numbers on these days are much lower and they only go up by increments of 5. This is because you’re carrying 10-30 extra pounds and you don’t want to overdo it. If you feel like 20 is too high of a starting point, choose a lower starting point and increase your reps on the “with baby” days by 5 from the previous time.

So, here’s the challenge!

30 day squat challenge

Day 1 – 25 Squats
Day 2 – 25 Squats
Day 3 – 25 Squats
Day 4 – Rest
Day 5 – 40 Squats
Day 6 – 20 Squats with baby
Day 7 – Rest
Day 8 – 50 Squats
Day 9 – 25 Squats with baby
Day 10 – 50 Squats
Day 11 – Rest
Day 12 – 60 Squats
Day 13 – 30 Squats with baby
Day 14 – 60 Squats
Day 15 – Rest
Day 16 – 70 Squats
Day 17 – 35 Squats with baby
Day 18 – 70 Squats
Day 19 – Rest
Day 20 – 80 Squats
Day 21 – 40 Squats with baby
Day 22 – 80 Squats
Day 23 – Rest
Day 24 – 90 Squats
Day 25 – 45 Squats with baby
Day 26 – 90 Squats
Day 27 – Rest
Day 28 – 100 Squats
Day 29 – 50 Squats with baby
Day 30 – 100 Squats

Congratulations! You completed the Mommy My Way 30-Day Squat Challenge. Share your before and after photos on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #mmwsquatchallenge to be featured on Mommy My Way! You are awesome, mama. Keep up the incredible work!

Please be sure to consult your physician if you are newly post-partum. Do not rush into a fitness routine while your body is still trying to recover and complete this challenge at your own pace. Adjust the number of reps to fit your current fitness level and do not over-exert yourself. Your health and safety is much more important than getting your pre-preggo booty back. 

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