Baptism Fashion

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Baptism Fashion

Zaylen’s baptism was in Florida this past weekend and held during the 9:30 a.m. Catholic mass. The ceremony was so beautiful and I am very blessed to have been able to share this special occasion with my family, loved ones and hometown congregation.  For the intentions, I asked God to keep us both safe and strong, protect Zaylen from harm and bless him with a happy and healthy life.

My son was the center of attention for this ceremony, as this was his sacrament to take, but as his mother it was my promise to teach him the love of our Father and guide him on his journey to heaven. I stood at the alter, in front of my congregation and family, and declared my commitment to my son’s lifelong path of spiritual understanding.

I severely procrastinated on finding something to wear for the day and, as of Saturday morning, I still had not even begun to look. I knew my outfit needed to be appropriate and uplifting without stealing the spotlight from my son, who would be dressed in an all white baptismal jumper complete with matching shoes and head piece.

Mid-morning Saturday I trekked across town to the newly-built mall in my hometown, Sarasota. I set out looking for a sleeved dress in a spring color. I was avoiding solid white and also pastel pink. Foolishly, I spent a few too many hours at the beach and had a bright pink sunburn on my shins and arms. Whoops!

There were so many adorable boutiques in this new mall and I was very excited to explore them on my first post-pregnancy shopping trip. Unfortunately though, my 5’2 frame and baby pooch were severely limiting. The trends I found were incredibly stylish, but I didn’t have the time to take something to a tailor to be properly fitted. Skirts in my size hit well below the knee and flounced slightly too much highlighting my hips and short stature in the wrong ways. I, instead, hit the department stores to find something more polished in the petite sections. Oh how I wish there were boutiques that only sold petite sizes. Even in the department stores I couldn’t find a sleeved dress in my size and the color palette I wanted, so I opted for a shirt/skirt combo.

Baptism Fashion

baptism fashionTop
Store // Macy’s
Brand // Bar3
Price // $29.50
Buy it // HERE

This cream-colored, 3/4-sleeve top from Bar3 stays far enough away from white to not blend in with my son’s outfit without sacrificing the brightness I was searching for. It is also made of a polyester / spandex blend that gives it some breathing room and stretch. This fabric complimented the skirt’s that I chose far more than a cotton, lace or chiffon top would have.

Store // Macy’s
Brand // I.N.C.
Price // $69.50
Buy it // HERE

On the Macy’s website, this skirt is advertised to be worn at the hip. I bought this skirt in my normal pants / dress size and wore it at the waist. It fit perfectly and hit my legs at just the right length. I didn’t even buy the petite version, which Macy’s also carries according their website. The floral pattern had just the right balance of pink, blue, brown and white to not accentuate my sunburn or clash with my off-white blouse. The cut was extremely flattering for my figure and hid the post-partum pooch perfectly.

Store // DSW
Brand // Steve Madden
Price // $59.95
Buy it // HERE

The DSW in Sarasota had only been open for a few days, so there were a ton of amazing deals and discounts going on. Despite the long list of trends available, I literally spent five minutes in the store. I knew I was looking for a brown, strappy wedge, which were front and center after walking in the doors of the store. Steve Madden is my go-to brand anyways and this pair really stuck out. I tried them on, they fit, and I checked out using one of their concierge check-out employees right there in the aisle. I wish I could say there was some big mastermind of a strategy that got me in and out so fast, but there wasn’t. I knew what I wanted and they happened to have exactly what I pictured. These shoes really pulled together the spring look I was going for and kept my attire subtle and appropriate for church.

At the end of the day, I walked away with the perfect baptism outfit within a 2 and a half hour time frame. I was fortunate to have my mom watch Zay while I explored and I have to admit that my first shopping trip after baby was born was a success. I have to admit though that I am totally hitting up Stitch Fix for those times I’m unable to sneak away. Stitch Fix is a personal styling website that ships you 5 pieces hand picked just for you based on your taste. You try on the items in the comfort of your own home and have 7 days to ship back what you don’t want. You’re only charged for the items you keep. It’s free to sign up, fill out a style profile and even to start receiving shipments so sign up with Stitch Fix HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Baptism Fashion”

  • I am headed to my nephew’s baptism this upcoming weekend and I’ve been looking for the perfect outfit for this transitional weather (and I’m the godmother). I also need to start considering what I’m going to wear to my sons’ baptism in February. We are also Catholic and I decided to wait and have both my sons baptized together (they will be 3yrs old and 6 months old). I’m looking forward to getting the process started and moving forward with their first sacrament.

    • Congratulations! What an amazing journey for you, your nephew and your sons. I hope you have an easier time finding a baptism outfit than I did. It was so tough tracking this down last minute (plus being only a few weeks post partum, I wasn’t fully comfortable in my new body yet!)

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