It’s always been My Way

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Updated 8/8/17

Hey! My name is Nikki and I’m 27 years old and a single mother to an amazing son, Z. I was thrown into single motherhood when my long-term boyfriend left when I was pregnant. Z has met his “father” once, and we’re all ok with that. It’s for the best. It took awhile to feel comfortable in my single mom title, the newborn days were hard you guys, but now I feel so confident that I’m exploring the world of single motherhood by choice.

I’ve always done things the hard way, at least that’s what everyone tells me, but they were always my way and I got through them. Being a mother is no different. I’ve dedicated my life to my school work and my career up to this point, but having a family was always a priority. I always imagined I would have the white picket fence and happily ever after, but my fate would have it otherwise. I fell in love with a man who couldn’t love me the way I needed and wanted him to, and then I had a baby by him.

This is my place to share my unconventional lifestyle with the world; to find someone out there who has gone through their years the same way I have, but different, of course, because that’s just how we do things. So here’s to the mommies out there doing it their way and not being afraid, or being afraid, but admitting it! We’re rockstars, even if no one else can see us that way.

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3 thoughts on “It’s always been My Way”

  • Hey girl! I’m making an appearance on here lol!


    Awwww a little girl! Yay! I hope she looks like you 🙂 I pray her Daddy is a better man to her than he was to you.

    • Thanks for showing the love 🙂

      I hope she looks like me too 😉

      The great thing about this whole situation is that even if he doesn’t treat her right, I’m strong enough to keep him away from her. He can hurt me emotionally and not be there to support me, but I won’t let him do that to her. An absent father is better than a bad one.

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